Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    ReportDash values the trust and confidence that you have placed in us,which is why we would like to take you through the privacy policy that we have enacted to safeguard your interests along with ours.The following document explains how ReportDash collects personal and non-personal information, classified as mandatory or optional and how we use,disclose and protect this information to provide you the best experience through ReportDash.

    Personal information can be defined as that information which can be used to uniquely identify or interact with a particular person. Personal information for the purpose of this policy entails but is not limited by information such as name, address, phone number etc which you may need to furnish to use certain services offered by ReportDash.

    The terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy are subject to change without prior notification, please refer to this page periodically to make yourself aware of any changes that may suffice.

    By using this website you have expressed your consent regarding our use and disclosure of the personal information that you have furnished. This privacy policy has been incorporated into and is a part of our terms of use.

    Persons below the age of 18 are not allowed to create accounts on ReportDash. Persons below the age of 18 are supposed to use the site only with involvement of an Adult(Parent/guardian).

  2. Information and Usage

    As part of our services,we collect and store information provided by you ,for instance your name, email ID and phone number as part of your login. Such information is collected to provide a safe, efficient, smooth and customized experience each time you use ReportDash.

    We also collect information that we have classified as being relevant to our understanding of you and your interests and information regarding your activity on our web pages so that we can give you the more customized and personal experience that we have envisioned.

    You are free to use our web pages without letting us know your personal details, in which case you may not be entitled to certain crucial services, for instance you cannot complete a transaction or place an order without completing your personal information.

    Data collection devices such as “cookies” are used to analyze our web page flow and usage so as to make suitable changes for better user experience, you may choose to decline “cookies” by changing the settings on your computer. Most likely your default settings accept cookies. It is to be noted that if you decline cookies ,the user experience may not be complete as certain services cannot be implemented without using cookies, for example you may have to repeatedly furnish your login details in case you decline cookies

    We collect personally identifiable information (such as Email, phone number, physical address etc) when you setup an account with us.

    If you choose to transact or buy on the website, we collect information such as a billing address, a credit / debit card number and a credit / debit card expiration date and/or other payment instrument details and tracking information from cheques or money orders.

    If you choose to post any messages or details as part of certain services ,we will store those details so as to provide customer support, resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems as permitted by our policy.

    If you choose to send any personal correspondence such as email, letters etc or any third party sends us correspondence about your postings or activities on our website, we may store that information in a file specific to you.

  3. Sharing of Information

    Reportdash uses several third party services, including but not limited to, services like Google Compute Engine, Google cloud storage etc to host and run our services.

    It may be noted that your billing information may be shared with third party payment processsors, to facilitate payment. Reportdash does not store your credit card details with us. For recurring billing, your card details along with your billing address will be stored with a PCI Level 1 certified third party payment processor.

    The details furnished and shared by you,especially your personal details is used only:

    To facilitate the use of your account/website;

    To provide a customized user experience;

    To respond to your queries and to fulfill your requests;

    To troubleshoot your problems and provide assistance when needed;

    To facilitate website administration;

    To send you important information regarding services provided and updates on our products;

    To conduct internal analysis of our website usage and personal interests;

    To protect the trust and confidence in ReportDash;

    To provide information to law enforcement agencies and other authorities as specified by law of the land;

    To complete the service provided to you in case you buy a product or avail a service.

  4. Security

    User security and satisfaction is integral to the working of ReportDash and we will strive to ensure that the personal information you have provided to us will only be used for the above mentioned purposes alone. We will protect the data against any disclosure or destruction, for this purpose ReportDash will conduct internal data analysis and security checks ,we will also conduct regular updates on our administration for betterment of security and safety.

    While linking a third party data source using one of our prebuilt connectors, you may be asked to authorize Reportdash to have accees to that third party data source. Reportdash uses a 'token' generated at the time of authorization to access the service and fetch data for the purpose of creating reports and dashboards specified by you.

    Incase you provide information to third parties through our sites ,such as links provided to other sites, ReportDash cannot be held responsible for any such misuse of data. ReportDash cannot be held responsible for loss of data in case of a“Force majeure event”. The definition of which is as follows:

    A force majeure event will include any event beyond the reasonable control of ReportDash, which shall include, without limitation:floods,fires,any act of god or hartals, industrial disputes and emergencies of other kinds.

  5. Disclosure

    ReportDash shall use the information provided to us only for the before mentioned purposes and ensures security of data according to policy listed under the title “security”.

    ReportDash may have to allow access to your personal information to law enforcement agencies and other such authorities in line with the law of the land so as to prevent usage of this site to spread malicious content or use these web pages for malicious purposes that may be harmful to the interests of the country or individuals residing inside or outside the country.

    On usage of the web pages of ReportDash you acknowledge that ReportDash has the right to preserve any communication with us or services provided by us and that ReportDash may have to disclose your information as and when required by law or if ReportDash deems it necessary to

    1. comply with legal process;

    2. enforce this Policy;

    3. respond to claims that any such data violates the rights of others; or

    4. protect the rights, property or personal safety of ReportDash, its employees, users of, or visitors to, the Website, and the public.

  6. Acceptance to Third Party Privacy Policies

    When you link a third party datasource in Reportdash , and create visualisations on top of that data source, we use the official api of that data source to fetch the visualisation data. We do so only after agreeing to the respective data source's terms of use and privacy policies. By using our service, you also agree to the respective third party data source terms, and their privacy policies, including but not limited to the ones listed below. 1) Google Privacy Policy as mentioned here

  7. Revocation of Access

    Users can revoke the access granted to Reportdash, by clicking on the "Remove" button against the respective linked account listed here When a linked account is removed, all data associated with that account is permanently deleted from our servers. We also invalidate any access token granted to us, if the respective third party data source api provide an option to do so. Users can also revoke the access granted to ReportDash from the respective third party data source's security and permissions page, some of which are listed below. For all datasources and services associated with Google Inc, including Youtube , one can revoke all the permissions granted to ReportDash from here

  8. Contact

    For any further queries on our privacy policy, please contact us at

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