Best Facebook ads reporting tool - ReportDash

Analysing why ReportDash is one of the best, if not the best, facebook ads reporting tool.

There are a number of facebook ad reporting tools in the market. Each one has got its own strengths, and caters to a specific segment. Let us analyse why ReportDash is one of the best facebook ads reporting tools out there.

Exhaustive list of facebook ad metrics, and dimensions.

ReportDash has native integeration to facebook marketing api. It allows to report on almost all the metrics that are supported by facebook ads reporting api.

For a full list of supported fields, see
Facebook Ads Metric List
Facebook Ads Dimension List

Showcase facebook ad previews in report

ReportDash can automatically generate screenshots of facebook ad previews, and include them in the report. A wide variety of facebook ad formats are also supported.

Use formulas to derive custom metrics

ReportDash has an inbuilt formula editor, that allows to derive new metrics from existing metrics. The formula editor supports plain English like syntax with auto suggestions, so that even a novice can write complex formulas effortlessly.

Templates to get started

ReportDash has a number of templates at the widget level, and at the report level to facilitate easy facebook ad reporting.

Robust report designer

ReportDash report designer has a number of features like, customisable themes, portrait and landscape modes, options to insert own logos and other brand identity elements, support for tables that span multiple pages etc. so that one wouldnt have to look elsewhere for their reporting needs.