Facebook ads reporting tool - ReportDash

Analysing the charactersitics of a good facebook ad reporting tool.

Preparing client reports for facebook ad campaigns is a necessary part of any client engagement. This a task that could easily consume countless man hours, depending upon the number of clients, and the frequencey of reports. However, this repetitive task could be easily automated, thanks to reporting tools like ReportDash. Let us analyse the features of a good facebook ad reporting tool.

Exhaustive list of facebook ad metrics, and breakdowns

Facebook marketing api exposes many metrics, and breakdowns, some of which are not even shown in facebook's own marketing dashboards. A good facebook ad reporting tool should support all the important metrics and breakdowns, that are supported by facebook marketing api.

Ability to embed facebook ad previews in report

Preparing the creative for facebook ads, is one of the major part of facebook campiagn management. So it is natural that marketers would want to showcase this creatives in their client reports. On the other side, clients would naturally expect ad previews in the weekly or monthly reports that are sent to them.

Taking screenshots of ad previews, and including them in the reports is a time consuimg activity. A good facebook ad reporting tool should support automatic embedding of facebook ad previews in the report.

Support for data blending, and custom computations

Often, one may have to report on custom metrics, that are derived from other metrics. A classic example of a custom metric for facebook ad reporting is Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Ther could be many such metrics, that are specific to the client use case. A good facebook ad reporting tool should support custom formulas to compute custom metrics.

Report templates to quickly clone reports

Even by using a reporting tool, preparing a facebook ad report could take considerable amount of time. A good facebook ad reporting tool should support templates, that allows users to quickly create similar reports for multiple clients, without spending much time.

Custom branding

Many agencies consider the reports that they send to their clients as a means to highlight their brand. So a good reporting tool should support ability ot include agency logos, or any other brand identity related elements.